Operating very large trucks is not at all as easy as many believe. Even if modern trucks are much more advanced than in the past, we are still looking at very complex machinery. Also, trucks are very heavy and big. Sometimes they even carry explosives and hazardous materials. It is very easy to understand why commercial truck accidents can quickly become tragedies.

As always with accidents, prevention is much more important than dealing with the consequences of a collision. This is why every single driver on the road should know about the most common causes of commercial truck accidents right now.

Impaired Or Distracted Driving

Even if truck drivers need to respect very specific regulations, they are still humans. Errors can appear. Unfortunately, truck driver negligence or the failure of the driver to be careful while operating the motor vehicle leads to accidents. In fact, this is a very common reason why such accidents appear in the first place.

Truck drivers can be exhausted because they need to respect a very tough schedule. It is very common to see them sleep deprived, which drastically reduces how attentive they can be behind the wheel. Also, when under the influence, the truck drivers become very dangerous.

Improper Truck Driver Training

The commercial truck driver who is not trained properly or is not licensed can always end up causing a crash. It is quite different to handle trucks when compared to pickup trucks, SUVs, and regular vehicles. This is especially the case when there is also an attached trailer.

Independent contractors and trucking companies need to make sure that all drivers are trained properly and that they are experienced before getting behind the wheel. Also, the training needs to cover driving techniques, unique state laws, responsible equipment handling, and safety protocols.

Equipment Malfunctions

In some accidents, the problem was not the truck driver. The truck had a malfunction that led to the crash happening. Semi-trucks are made out of countless parts. A minor fault in any of them can lead to a chain reaction that could be catastrophic.

The part at fault can be anything from the hitch to brakes. This is why trucks have to be regularly maintained. This is the responsibility of the trucking companies.

Improper Cargo Loading

Large trucks can haul quite a lot of cargo. And this automatically implies that several safety practices need to be respected. You cannot simply put things inside a trailer and expect things to go smooth. Cargo has to be secured and needs to be balanced in a specific way. A failure to do this can easily lead to huge truck accidents. If the truck transports dangerous materials, like flammable materials or toxic liquids, the resulting accident can be much more serious.

Final Thoughts

Commercial truck accidents always need to be taken seriously. If you were involved in one, the best thing you can do is to go to the hospital to get checked out. Then, you need to get in touch with an experiencer truck accident lawyer who will represent you in court. This is mandatory since it is practically the only way to be sure the compensation you will receive will actually cover all damages.

Commercial Truck Accidents – Causes You Need To Know