sense of justiceMr President, ladies and gentlemen, we are here at this time in this Chamber to keep in mind that the European Parliament and democratic establishments must protect and support the family members of the victims of terrorism and provide the sense of justice that European public opinion calls for.

Everyone possesses a sense of justice, nevertheless misguided it may be. This chapter argues that to account for the acquisition of a sense of justice, we must determine the mental mechanisms that produce it, and explain how they originated and have become refined in the middle of human evolution.

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Civil society develops totally only by reaching its potential participants a certain level of consciousness, which includes awareness of the need to take part in public life with a view to obtain sure private and public curiosity In other words, residents’ consciousness of the significance of social, legal and political initiatives will push the society to the social progress towards a full-fledged, self-governing, autonomous and effective civil society establishments.

Evolution Of A Sense Of Justice
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