To become a family law specialist advocate, one must first understand the characteristics and topics surrounding family law. Family law focuses on legal issues and relationships related to the family. Family law specialist advocates also have to deal with a variety of people from various age groups from children, youth, adults, and the elderly. An important note if you want to explore this topic is, because family law is related to various very personal aspects, the ability to manage emotions is important to pay attention to.

Family Law

Stages of Becoming a Family Law Specialist Advocate

To become an advocate, of course you have to complete a bachelor’s degree in law. After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in law, you can take Advocate Profession Special Education. After that, you can take the Advocate Professional Exam held by the Advocate Organization. After being declared passed, you have also taken part in an advocate internship program which is carried out at an advocate’s office or at the office of a legal aid organization. From here you have to take the oath of attorney candidate to be able to practice as an Advocate. To become a family law specialist advocate, you must have relevant work characteristics and experience. Not only that, because this field of family law requires an advocate to work with both adults and children, you must have the ability to deal with various scenarios that occur. In addition, being a family law specialist advocate also requires you to break away from emotional relationships by being able to act and work professionally as an advocate.

What duties does a Specialist Family Law Advocate perform?

Family law specialist advocates are basically the same as other advocates, namely helping their clients to understand a legal issue and their client’s position in that legal matter. However, family law specialist advocates certainly focus on legal issues related to the family. For example, drafting a marriage agreement to protect the interests of one of the parties. In addition, it also provides advice regarding divorce and proper settlement of joint assets after divorce and child care after divorce.

How to Become a Family Law Specialist Advocate?