Maintaining a marriage is not as easy as building a marriage. The many conflicts or quarrels that often occur after marriage and there is never a resolution will condemn a marriage which may end in divorce.

Surely you don’t want to face a divorce right? What’s more, your marriage is still relatively old or has only been running for 3-4 months. Well, we have a guide for you, follow the following:


1. Mutual Support

One of the tendencies in newly married companions is a great sense of selfishness. Sometimes these companions do not realize that their current situation is different from when they were dating and they need support for anything.

Support for a companion can make a bond continue to be solid because there is a feeling that there is still someone behind and wants to defend you. With this support, there will be a feeling of unity for the partner so that the bond can last a long time.

2. Learn to Forgive

Expecting a partner to always be perfect is an impossible thing. Everyone certainly makes mistakes, especially in marriages which are not easy. However, you can practice forgiving the little things, so it’s easier to forgive bigger mistakes later.

3. Set Date Time

Find time to be alone with your husband without your little one coming. This is important for confirming you and your husband in the days before he was born. This makes you and your husband remember the alibi of forming a family. This is indeed not an easy thing, but worth trying.

4. Introspection

A good bond can arise from the understanding that exists on both partners. Understanding about self-worth and these actions that have been tried can make you a better person and help maintain a bond. The little things that you have done for your partner can be material for introspection about whether the actions you have taken so far have been true.

Such are the tips for maintaining bonds in your early marriage.

How to Maintaining Bonds in Early Marriage