Have you been into an accident and seeking a personal injury claim? According to federal law, everyone has the right to fight their case on their own instead of hiring personal injury lawyer Virginia Beach VA. In law, this is referred to as proceeding ‘pro se.’

While going ahead with your case on your own may sound exciting and financially viable, it might not be the best move. Many people presume that by not hiring a professional personal injury lawyer, they can save up big on attorney fees. But the truth is, there are chances one may lose the case or get reduced compensation than deserved.

In this blog, we are going to look into some reasons why it’s not monetarily viable to handle a personal injury lawsuit on your own.

Reason #1 You may not know what evidence to look for:

The court makes the judgment based on the evidence and proofs. You will have to acquire enough evidence to make your claim strong and valid in front of the court. What types of evidence you will require to safeguard your claim and win the lawsuit will depend upon the accident and the parties involved. When one gets into an accident, they are too overwhelmed to tend to their injuries or access the damage. One may not remember or even know that they should gather evidence of the accident and injuries. Showing medical reports or documents of your injuries is not sufficient. Lack of evidence may make your case weak, and you might end up with nominal compensation. Experienced injury lawyer in Virginia Beach know what proof you may require and how to acquire them, saving your time on the hassle to look for them. 

Reason #2 You may miss the deadline

Do you know there is a statute of limitations or deadline set to file your claim? The period for filing cases against the perpetrator varies from case to case. Generally, for most cases, the statute of limitations is two years from the time of the incident. Meaning, if you fail to file your lawsuit in the court in the given time, you will be barred from seeking any compensation.

Reason #3 You may not know how much claim for the damage

When it comes to personal injury lawsuits, you can only claim for the compensation you deserve. Assess the damage and compensation is one of the most challenging tasks when handling cases without professional help. The inability to evaluate the losses in monetary value can render your case weak. Since personal attorneys handle accident cases regularly, they know what to demand for damages.   

Reason #4 You may not be able to negotiate the settlement

Not all cases of personal injury go before the judge. A majority of cases get settled between the parties outside the court. In such a situation, the lawyer of the other party will most probably try to break you and bring your compensation to a fraction of the actual claim. If you are inexperienced in handling the trick of the trade, you might lose the case without a fair trial.

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Handle Your Own Personal Injury Case