After you file your bankruptcy, very little actually happens. Bankruptcy laws are not something you can just hand to your lawyer and walk away from.


This is what you should do as a member of your bankruptcy team following filing for bankruptcy.

Check Your Email


You can read the correspondence your attorney sent you from the court. You will find a copy of the court and your attorney’s actions on your behalf.


Make arrangements to appear in person at the first meeting. This information will be sent by mail after bankruptcy filings are filed.


Take a Look at What You’ve Signed


Filing a bankruptcy case requires a lot of paper, and you will undoubtedly have signed many schedules.


Review what you have signed. Take a look at the question and the answer. Is your answer true and complete?


Highlight any errors or omissions. It is rare for innocent mistakes to be identified and corrected in a case.


Common mistakes are easy to fix.


Keep Your Lawyer Informed


I want to know about major life events: Have you changed jobs, been entitled to an inheritance, or become too sick to work?


All of these factors have an impact on bankruptcy issues.


Pose Questions to Your Lawyer


Please let your attorney know if you have any questions. If you don’t tell them, they can’t tell if you are confused.


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