It does not matter in which state you are in, because if law enforcement pulls you over, there are a few things that will most certainly happen along the way. You should remember to save money for these reasons because it will help you handle payments and expenses you will get.

In case you are convicted for driving under influence or driving while intoxicated, and you wish to get your driving privileges back, you will have to spare plenty of money. Apart from the idea that you have to pay fines, other expenses include court appearances and many more.

You will also have to undergo DUI School so that they can evaluate you based on your drinking problem and provide you particular treatment in case you need it. At the same time, you will have to pay higher car insurance premiums and install the interlock device on your vehicle.

Of course, finding appropriate Rochester lawyer will help you reduce the sentence, but you have to know what to expect from it and how to define this particular problem.

  1. The Time Of Arrest

When someone arrests you on suspicion of drunk driving, the first thing that will happen to you is that you will enter a police vehicle and be taken to the nearest police jail. They will photograph you and create fingerprints before they put you in the cell.

Everything depends on the state you are in, but have in mind that you will be able to be released immediately if someone comes to the jail and pays your bail as well as drive you home.

However, some states feature a significant period that you have to hang in jail before being released.

  • Court Appearance

During the time of the arrest, you will probably get a summon or ticket that will tell you the court date in which you have to appear to face DUI charges. For some driver, that is quite humiliating experience especially when it comes to meeting and answering charges of being drunk.

In case that you deny the charges and decide to fight the case by pleading not guilty, the chances are significant that someone in the courtroom will see the video of yourself failing field sobriety test from officer’s mandatory dashboard camera.

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  • You Will Lose Driver’s License

In all states across the USA, even if it is your first time, you will lose driving privileges for some time based on the alcohol percentage levels and your age.

Some states that will provide you a hardship license, you will be able to drive to work or school when your license is suspended.

On the other hand, if you decide to refuse a field sobriety test or blood test, the law enforcement will suspend your driver’s license immediately even before you reach the court.

  • You Will Pay Fine

You can surely expect this common thing after driving under the influence and being convicted. Your sentence will most likely include paying a fine for dealing with such issues.

All states have set minimum and maximum fines for DWI and DUI, but you will be able to enhance those penalties depending on individual and specific circumstances.

For instance, if you are caught drunk driving and you damaged property as a result or endangered someone due to drunk driving, the fines will increase gradually based on the additional problems you made.

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  • Jail Time

As one of the best ways to fight DUI and DWI is by implementing harsh penalties, which is why the growing number of states are making jail terms as mandatory sentence even for first time drunk driving offenders.

If you are a first offender, jail terms will be a few days that could reach a few weeks based on the level of problem you made. However, if you are a dangerous offender, the jail will be the mandatory part of your sentence, and it can be longer than a few days.

On the other hand, when you do not get jail time for a DUI conviction, you will still have a probation sentence. If you repeat some problem during the terms of probation, you will go directly to jail without giving you another chance.

What You Should Know About Getting A Driving Under Influence Conviction